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Name: Gary Chapman Watson
Comment: I used to go to the model section in the store and used to hear record selections in the 'booths' in the record department, yes 'try before you buy' has been with us for years!


Dave Harwood
23 Jan 2024 at 12:38
I found this article in the 'Long Eaton Advertiser' dated 3rd November 1961: “New Record Browserie Opened At Nottingham - Barbara Lyon, a member of the famous radio, television and film family, visited Nottingham last Wednesday to open officially a new Record Browserie for Henry Farmer Co. Ltd., in conjunction with with Pearson Bros. Ltd. The browserie is on the first floor of the store.”
… and this in the Friday 26th January 1962 edition: “SINGER MOBBED – On a visit To Pearson Bros. of Nottingham, schoolboy Paul Cooper, of Mansfield Road, Redhill, Nottingham, was the first to receive Frankie Vaughan's autograph when the famous recording star made a personal appearance at Pearson Bros. Ltd., Departmental Store, Long Row, Nottingham, last Wednesday. Paul, who is 15, had recently come out of Harlow Wood Hospital, where be had been receiving treatment for a fractured hip. He arrived at Pearson Bros. with two sticks and Frankie Vaughan's current hit record, Tower of Strength. Mobbed by hundreds of excited fans, Frankie Vaughan, with a bright smile on his face, managed to arrive in the record browserie, without sustaining any broken bones. In an attempt to see the star, fans accidentally broke one of the front glass doors of the store. Afterwards Mr. J. Fish, the display and advertising manager, said that it would only cost a few pounds to replace the glass and, as far as he knew, that was the only damage caused. Since the Record Dept. was opened on October 25 last year, Frankie is the second star to appear at Pearson Bros. The browserie was opened by Miss Barbara Lyon, of the famous television and radio family. It is on the first floor of the store and is the largest in the Midlands. It incorporates all the latest features, including six listening booths, two audition rooms, and separate record racks, classified into the different types of music.”



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