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Kirsty Young's interview with Morrissey on Desert Island Discs:

Kirsty: “Morrissey, tell me about Paul Marsh’s record shop?”
Morrissey: “Is that really a serious question? Good grief, yes. Well, any education that I now presently have was gained at this record shop in Moss Side in Manchester in the sixties, where I was raised. I was fascinated by this little record shop with wooden floorboards exposed, with sawdust on the floor. And I would go there as often as I could as a five-year-old, six-year-old. And I would simply stand and examine everything, and read everything.”
K: “What did you like about it?
M: “I was completely entranced by the song, recorded song, and the emotion that came from people singing. I found it so beautiful and the recorded noise, the recorded song, I thought was the most powerful, beautiful thing. And I still believe that.”

Name: Mikey Ram
Comment: Is Paul Marsh still going?

Name: Jack Pettersen
Comment: Built up my soul collection in his shop on Alexandra Road in the mid-sixties.


Mike Taylor
07 May 2024 at 07:24
Paul Marsh... named after Paul and Marsha, the son and daughter of the owner Harry Boris Mandelson.
Not only did I purchase records from his shop from late 1966 to 1972ish, but also worked there selling the records etc when the place was packed and he was 'run off his feet'.
The place was also THE main source for Reggae, Bluebeat and Ska records.
I also used to purchase records from there for THE most well-known 'youth club' in Manchester - St Bernadette's (Bernies) on the Parkway. Records from there also helped carve out my career in DJing from 1966 to present day (2024) From The Con-Chord, Twisted Wheel, Blue Note and onward.
Harry was a very shrewd businessman whose brother, Ralph also had a famous record shop in Manchester simply called Ralph's Records.
Dave Harwood
07 May 2024 at 10:10
I found this piece in the 'Manchester Evening News' dated 24th January 1978: “Paul Marsh's record store is one of the busiest shops in the precinct and on this lively Saturday groups of teenagers are wandering around sifting the albums and foot-tapping to the reggae beat.”



24 Alexandra Road M16 7BA Moss Side / Manchester
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