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Past & Present Records

Great record shop for new releases run by John and Mick with a second shop just round the corner that stocked second hand singles and albums. Got all my Phil Spector International singles and lp's from here in the 1970's. Comment: Barry Green.
(April 25,2015) I loved Past & Present Records. I lived just across the road in a flat above a shop on the St Albans Road. I bought a whole stack of great records there in the mid to late 1970s when I was a teenager and Mick and John were always very good to me. Comment:
Ian Marshall.

( June 9, 2015)I loved Past & Present. I bought all my vinyl there in the early 90s. Always feel nostalgic when I see the old price tickets on my LPs. Comment: Sara Taylor.

Spent far too much in Past & Present - oh to have the opportunity of spending an afternoon in the 2nd hand shop now! P & P supplied me with a significant amount of my late 80's - mid 90's Americana CD collection - I specifically remembering hearing new releases from Counting Crows, Uncle Tupelo, Wilco & Son Volt within those walls - hardly the sounds of St Albans Road!
Chris Day

Sanjay Jethwa

Also spent way too much time in the shop talking to Mick and John, they were clued up about every genre of music. Russell (Brother to Brother DJs) used to work there too when I was building my soul jazz funk collection. Great memories!

Alan Kirtley

I remember them arriving in an American Cadillac Hearse and as you said complete with a coffin the back! Brilliant 😊

Paul Geddes

They used to have the 99p 12 inch rack outside the front of the shop. There’s a couple of old heavy metal 12 inches that I got for 99p each, and, years later would sell on eBay for £40/£50 each and posted to places like Brazil and Peru.

Jo Longstaff-Perkins

Was only place I could find what I wanted especially 7 inch of 10CC's I'm not in love ..My fav song of all time ❤️❤️

Mike Maynard

He started off with a little shop in Hagden lane in the seventies then moved to St Albans road. A really nice guy and very knowledgeable I went there a lot.

Gary Godwin

Spent most of my wages in there. Mick and John. Luton boys as it happens. Started out in a little shack in Harwoods Road. Now expanded funeral parlour. I remember seeing a triple cassette version of George Harrison’s ‘All things must pass’ lp in the window. First album I ever owned. What’s yours?

Donnie Cooper

I loved that shop and the two geezers that ran it. I worked in St Albans Road at Purdy and Macintosh Research LTD 1974 to 1984 when I left school, I must have spent a small fortune in their shop over the years,




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