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Daniel Vogel

06 Jun 2023 at 07:39

My dad, an American residing in London, often worked weekends in the West End getting European films dubbed into English at a studio on St. Anne's Court. We would meet for lunch and I often spent hours walking about. One of my favorite places was One Stop which meant walking down Oxford Street toward Hyde Park. It took about 15 minutes from my dad's workplace. Around 1973-1975 there were huge amounts of glam singles coming out and I was a kid obsessed with them. One Stop often had those singles available. However, there were employees who would have me play different proggy albums too, as I was always asking them what was good - so this is where I discovered such bands as Uriah Heap, Gentle Giant, Caravan, Pink Floyd, Soft Machine. When punk broke out, my tastes shifted, but by then I could no longer find that shop, as it was gone, just three years after I had first discovered it! So after that I had to rely on a local Parrot Records off Earl's Court Road which I've asked Londoners about but no one remembers it, and of course Rough Trade near Notting Hill Gate. I later learned that John Peel, whom I listened to under the sheets every Monday through Thursday nights, also loved this shop




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