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Goodbye Record Shops
Oz Records, Westgate Road, Newcastle. Like many people have said, it was one of the must visit places on our weekly trips down the town and where I bought my first ever album, Santana III, the gatefold cover with the man with the outstretched hand. I bought a lot more from there but, sadly, the place is no more. It was always such a warm, welcoming place where we listened to so much. Comment: sugarbutty

(Apr 12, 2013) BUZZWAX said:They had great bags!

Name James Hennessey Comment: I always used to look forward to my visits to Oz Records, I bought Hawkwinds A Space Ritual there, I sat in the old Bus seats listening to it before buying, Happy Times. (July 23, 2017)

Oz Records, Westgate Road Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, where I bought the first Roxy Music album. Their window was a full display of what would now be regarded as classics, and behind the counter, lovely female assistants.Wish I had a time machine images.gif. chevvies




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