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I remember spending many hours at OPUS RECORDS in Palmers Green. they had small booths at the back of the shop with large cupped headphones, I first heard Pink Floyds Dark side of the moon there and was blown away. You could also buy quadrophonic albums there, my mates dad owned a very flash sony set up and would send us there to buy a few at a time and those albums were about 3 times the price of an ordinary L.P. The guys there were pretty helpful and genned up on the latest sounds. Adrian Perkins London R.I.P

I remember Opus Records in Palmers Green. Very laid back, could spend hours in there browsing and listening to stuff like Yes, King Crimson, Argent, ELP. When you finally bought something it came in a very thin flimsy olive green bag. Alan Somerset London R.I.P

I worked part-time at opus in the Chingford branch during my sixth form years, and managed the Waltham Cross branch during the summer break of my first year at University. I was often asked to go to work at the Palmers Green branch on a Saturday, at the time when the owner of the chain spent most of his time there. He was a pleasant enough bloke and I seemed to get quite well with him. A couple of years later, they had money problems, the nature of which I don't really know, but it resulted in the sale of the business to Turntable. Comment: Neil

(Sept 16, 2013) Anonymous said:I too worked at Opus. I managed the Waltham Cross branch and the Southgate branch. Paul O

(Feb 28, 2015) I worked at the Chingford branch for two years. It was my first job after leaving school. I worked in the office upstairs on the accounts. I was taught how to do all the books by the owner Barry. I really enjoyed myself and learnt so much. If anyone knows me please keep in touch. Bob Fresco

(November 14, 2015) Re:- Opus Records, Waltham Cross. Hi there, It was really great to read the Posts about Opus Records. I remember when I lived in Enfield Lock, hearing about this great new Record Shop at the new Shopping Centre at Waltham Cross. My first visit was on a cold wet drizzly Saturday afternoon in November roundabout 4 o'clock. Must have been 1972/73 I think. Wow! It was the first real Record shop of it's kind I had known, (always had to rely on the Co-Op and Marsden's TV and Radio Shop before). I remember buying Led Zeppelin 4 and Steeleye Span's Individually And Collectively on that day. I paid a few more visits, and then suddenly it had gone. As has been said, the place had a real laid-back atmosphere, and the music was never too loud. Unlike some of the Music Outlets now. You could have an audible conversation with like-minded people and listen to great music at the same time. It all seems like a lifetime ago now, but I can remember those times as if it were yesterday. Thanks for reminding me it was not a dream. Comment: Michael Clark.

I remember opus record shop in Palmers green I bought in 1969 the carpenters the singles album 1969 1973 still great now so sad with Karen's untimely passing.
Caroline Woidward



Ron Gould
02 Oct 2023 at 06:07
My first job after leaving school in 1972 was at Opus Records in Chingford E4. I worked in the mail order department which mainly sold classical music box sets from ads placed in The Gramophone Magazine. Opus Records was owned and managed by W illiam Halford Barrington-Coupe who had a dubious reputation in the business and attained condierable notoriety in 2007 when he confessed that a large number of piano CDs that he had sold on his Concert Artist/Fidelio Recordings label were not in fact performed by his wife Joyce Hatto but were copies, in some cases digitally manipulated, of commercially available recordings by other pianists. accused of stealing parts of classical piano commercial recordings which he used to augment releases of her performances. W H Barrington-Coupe died in Royston, England on 19 October 2014.



Palmers Green Southgate

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