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Name: Jack Bond
Comment: Oasis was located in the basement of a hippy-ish clothes shop. They had lots of 'review' albums which I assume found their way there from journalists. I remember buying the Grateful Dead's Blues For Allah on import when it came out in 1976 or whenever it was. It was a tiny place.

Name: Jon Wozencroft
Comment: Oasis was a vital record shop of its time. It was a one-man operation, run by Tim - yes, in the basement of a clothes shop, you had to descend a rickety staircase.

Tim used to specialise in West Coast and psychedelia but he was also a big supporter of the emerging independent record scene in the mid-70s, so you could find Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers and Flaming Groovies records as well. Nuggets... all of that stuff. He was big on imports as well as the music press review copies.

I remember well one Saturday afternoon in September 1977 when he'd just got delivery of Ian Dury's New Boots and Panties, and was playing it with great enthusiasm. Then, he took the record off the deck and said to me "Here's something I think is rather great", it was an import copy of Talking Heads' 1977, which he put on and I was totally blown away, wanted it there and then! Unfortunately Tim only had the one copy, which he was keeping for himself... Had to wait another month before further supplies arrived in London. (May 14, 2017)




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