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Fantastic photographs! The only correction I think (in the centre one) one is that Melody became Muzik City, not the other way round. Comment: Mark Griffiths

(Oct 24, 2013) Anonymous said:Became part of the Ali family's record chain

(Feb 4, 2015) Bought my first ever Long Player record from their Harrow road shop "Tighten Up" volume 2 I think I played that one to death ! Memorable singles I bought their that stick in my mind Nicky Thomas "Love of the common people" Bob & Marcia "Young gifted & black" & The Chilites "For gods sake give more power to the people " Comment: Keith Obrien.

(March 6, 2015 )Music City in Ridley Road market was always an enticing prospect on a Saturday. If I recall, the shop had direct links to the prolific Trojan Records. It was the covers of brilliant albums like Dennis Brown’s ‘Just Dennis’, Big Youth’s ‘Screaming Target’ or Ras Michael’s ‘Nyabinghi’ that hung in the shop window and the speakers outside the shop projected a little burst of Al Brown doing Al Green or Ken Boothe previewing what was to become a Chart topper or a touch of “skenga” – a scattering of ‘Irie Feeling’ from Rupie Edward’s Cactus label.. The sounds of young Jamaica rose above the vibrant hustle and bustle of black and white working class shoppers and the cockney mantras of the various vendors. The Art Of Buying Reggae Music - Paul Bradshaw

23 Ridley Road was a hang out for Dennis Morris photographer checking out lastest in Trojan sounds trying to look like a rude boy on the corner. You would hang around and listen to tunes be played and you might buy one in ten. Dennis Morris TV Documentary 2016.




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