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Name: Nick Boorman
Comment: I worked in Musicraft 1972-73. The shop inside was painted black and had a section at the back which sold hi-fi. The record section had headphones on the walls so buyers could listen to the records. When I was at school I would often go in just to listen on headphones and to experience the sound within your head that only headphones could give you.

Name: Delva Forrest
Comment: My dad, Ray Hatch, worked at Musicraft in Hounslow. As a child I remember visiting him at work and once helping him out behind the counter. All that wall-to-wall vinyl, the listening booths (I was not tall enough) and the B&O hifi at the back. Dad is finally retiring at the age of 86 in a week's time and we’re looking for old memories to help him celebrate; if you can share anything that would be wonderful!


Paul Hansen
18 Oct 2023 at 03:08
I think you've undermined his role at Musicraft, he was actually the manager! Geoff Ward was a director.

Don't recall listening booths, but I do remember four sets of headphones wired into the wall. Which occasionally 'disappeared' due to people cutting the cable and walking out of the shop with them.

He secretly took driving lessons and after he (again, secretly) passed his test, surprised his wife when (presumably) he announced one day, "OK dear, I'll drive today"!

Recently had to clear out my late mum's house and came across an ARD amplifier. Haven't had a chance to see if it still works yet.

Noticed I'm two years late, but I wish him every happiness in his retirement.



63 High Street TW3 1RB Hounslow / London
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