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Liz Nelson The kids today miss out on so much .. The excitement of going into somewhere like musicore listening to the latest single from your favourite band ,then walking out with that single ....a physical thing in your hand ...rushing home and carefully putting it on that turntable ....oh what a rush ... Now an invisible MP3 alone in their room ..sad really

Julie Embleton Loved musicore. First in that tiny shop next to fightin cocks where i bout my first single (puppylove!) then it moved across the road. X

Karen Parlett I remember my first single was Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves.


Dave Harwood
10 Nov 2023 at 07:44
I found this advert in the 'Newcastle Evening Chronicle' dated 25th October 1971: “musicore is TOP SHOP - Records, Tapes and Accessories at 1 BRIDGE HOUSE, NORTH ROAD, DURHAM – musicore.”



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