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My Aunt used to run a record shop in Blackheath (London, SE3) during the 1960s and into the ‘70s. Many of our family’s records were bought there. I’m pleased to say I finally have a photograph of the shop (attached). As you can see, this picture was taken at the time of the release of The Beatles’ “Help”. The cardboard cutouts were supplied by the record company and apparently my aunt equipped them with little placards saying Hear Every Little Phrase. I’m told that my aunt used to work for the previous owner (also a lady) and when she decided to sell up my aunt and her brother combined their finances and bought the shop! My aunt’s name is Doris Rome. The shop was at 13 Royal Parade, Blackheath SE3 and continued to be a record shop certainly until the late 1970s. It is now a barbers shop.

Doris Rome is a wonderful lady and I'm so proud to say she is my Great Aunt My husband Paul remembers her records shop very well. I was going through some old paperwork and I found a paper bag from The music shop that he has kept for these years I have tried to load a photo but I have had no luck I would love for you to see it . Comment: Jackie German.

(Apr 10, 2014) Anonymous said:Memories I remember the shop so well aunt Doris uncle Alan and even the glass shop 2 doors down that uncle had. Great memories with auntie Maureen uncle frank Alan and Doris. Son of Sid bennett

(Feb 27, 2014) Mrs Doris Rome said:I am THE aunt in the above story and would like to ask dose any one remember using this shop. I would really like to hear from any one. Also any stories you may remeber over the time you used it.
Thank you and look forward ro hearing.

(July 5, 2015) My mother Mrs Jean Williams started/owned the music shop in the Fiftes 1957ish I apparently lived in a flat above.
I was so pleased to see this information re the music shop.I do have memories of visiting my Grand father Mr C.G.Colman who used the basement as a small unit I think. Comment: Andrew Williams.

( July 2015) Hello Andrew how nice to get your comments. Doris is my sister-in-law and Alan my brother in-law. Yes you are correct about you granddad. When Doris took over after awhile her mother got ill and myself and her brother had to help there so I know what you say. I phoned Doris right after I read your comment so if you wish to use this E/Mail address I can put you in touch with her. Fingers crossed you see this. Maureen/Doris

(September 30, 2015) I grew up near Blackheath Village and went to the Roan School, next to Greenwich Park from 65 to 72. I can remember going in the Music Shop, sometimes, on my way home from school. I sometimes met my mate Chris Difford in there (whose journey was in the other direction) and we would go through the second hand bargains (Istill have the few I bought somewhere). Behind the counter was someone called Gary who was friendly and helpful and, if I remember correctly, had a squeaky voice and a poor complexion. I haven't thought about this for many a year! Comment: Laurence Hughes.

(October 28, 2015) I am writing this for my sister in-law the lady referred to in the first letter above. First of all I would like to thank Janice our niece for putting The Music shop Blackheath on the internet I am now 86 years of age so we are talking 50 yrs plus. I Doris and my husband Alan often reminisce over the days that we had the shop and of course all the many customers. Mrs Jean Williams whom I took over from when she and her husband moved up north. We stayed in touch with her in fact we visited them at their new address and have got to this day a picture of her two sons Andrew, who left a message on here July 5TH I would love to get in touch with him SO IF YOU ARE LOOKING Andrew my name is Rome nee[ Bennett ] I think they moved to Cheshire.
So now I would like to thank the people that have left messages also my niece Janice that made this possible. Doris & Alan Rome [ Bennett ]

( April 4, 2016) Great to discover this piece about the Music Shop. It must have been Doris who was always so nice to me, she would play me records and I'd order some when I could afford them. I became a professional musician in 1960 and lived in Blackheath village, Kidbrooke and Charlton. I too still have one of those record bags. Google me Doris, I've done a lot since I last saw you in the shop. Comment: Albert Lee

Name Sally Duker Comment: How wonderful to read about the record shop. My mum, Pam Watson (nee Wishart) worked in the shop with Mrs Jean Williams and when she married in July, 1956 (in the church across the park from the shop), they lived on the top floor above the record shop. My brother was born in the flat in 1960 and I was born in 1963 and we continued to live there until we emigrated to Australia in 1964. We continued to stay in touch with the Williams family over all these years. My parents are about to celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary and Jean's son, Fred, was the one to show me this site. Thank you for sharing. Sally Duker, Sydney, Australia. (July 14, 2016)

Name Fred Williams Comment: Hello Maureen/Doris and Jackie I am Jean Williams' youngest son and hope we can get in contact. Here are some of the memories that I have dredged up to pass on to Sally Duker and Pam. The Music Shop opened in around 1953, with less than shelf of stock. The bank was reluctant to lend money for a music shop, they didn’t imagine that many people in Blackheath would buy records! Jean (and other women) could not borrow money in her own right, her husband had to be her guarantor as a responsible male. My understanding is that Jean Williams sold the shop in 1963. ( July 22, 2016)

Comment: If I remember correct I knew Pam I helped Doris when her mum was ill. Pam's little boy fell on a pencil and grazed his throat!! He also ran a mock with lip stick! Doris is Mrs Rome [ nee Bennett ] If I am correct please get in touch here via the comment box. (Sept 3, 2016).

It has been great to see so many memories from people who knew the Music Shop and my Aunt Doris.
This is a rather sad update - Doris died a few weeks ago, she was 88. I know she was really thrilled that the shop was recorded for posterity on this site so thank you on her behalf for coming forward with all your reminiscences. The photo of the interior is wonderful - so evocative!
Janice (Jess) White

I grew up in Kidbrooke, in fact I’ve come back to live here! I remember the music shop very well, Gary Lowe was a friend of mine, I met him in the New Tigers head when I was working there as a Barman in 1976, at the tender age of 16. One of my poignant memories is of Gary and myself consoling each other across the counter at the death of Marc Bolan.
Toby Robert
I have only just read this article since 2015 unfortunately I did not get intouch with Doris. Jess or anyone that rembers the record shop see this please get in touch Andrew (28-07-22 ) [email protected]




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