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(April 16, 2015) I actually worked in this place from 1996 - 1998 and then again from 2000 - 2005 (got 2 years off in the middle for good behaviour). Around 93/94 Geoff Finch had moved from 47 Sydney St to a shop round the corner in Gloucester Rd --- a bit of a dump. I worked in that place for a few months. The roof leaked at the back and there was no heating or toilet. The winter of '95 was perishing in there. 1996 and Geoff moved to 10 Sydney St. We had some good times and bought lots of great collections. I learned a lot. Too many memories. Around 2001 Paul Clark bought Music Meltdown but I stuck around. He was more dance-music inclined - but that was ok, we were on the crest of a wave. After about 2003 the internet starting taking over and it killed the place really - although we did a lot online. I believe Clarkies still at it in some form or another. I got an offer I couldn't refuse in 2005 and went on to pastures new. Good memories, all in all. Comment: Mike Bradshaw.




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