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​( Jan 28, 2016) I can also remember another record shop on Kingston Road before it becomes Merton High Street.Near South Wimbledon Tube Station. As I walked up to it one day in 1959, I heard what was obviously a new Everly Brothers record. I think it was "All I Have to Do is Dream." coming from the outside loudspeaker. I went in and tried to buy it. But it was a demo record being played by a rep to the owner, so no copies were yet available! I eventually managed to buy the record and now decades later, I have a copy in one of my two vinyl jukeboxes, I've aquired in my old age. It's all about nostalgia. Comment: Robert Hall


Dave Harwood
10 Nov 2023 at 03:31
I found this advert in the 'Buckingham Examiner' dated 9th March 1962: “THE MUSIC HALL 15 CHURCH STREET, RICKMANSWORTH. FREE SEND NOW. Fill in this coupon for FREE membership and lavishly illustrated Club Catalogue giving full details of ARC. Remember membership does not commit you in any way, you are free to choose what you want, when you want. You can buy your 10/- special Introductory LP's NOW from your local ARC Dealer - THE MUSIC HALL.”
… and I found this advert in the 'Acton Gazette' dated 21st January 1965: “IT'S SO FAB! even Grandma and Grandpa are going to COLLETTS MUSIC HALL for all the latest group - pop recordings. HAVE A BALL, come to COLLETTS MUSIC HALL 125 THE VALE, ACTON W.3. Tel: SHE 3825.”



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