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( October 25, 2015) I remember the Music Box well from my time in wallingford in 1984-85.

Always surprised that the town could support TWO good record shops, here and Astley's.

Where Astley's also specialised in good hi-fi to play your records on, The Music Box was also a musician's shop, and the local supplier of guitar strings, clarinet/sax reeds, sheet music, manuscript paper, guitar leads and the like.

Generally had the hits of the day, together with related albums, and a good selection of country/folk material - of the two stores, it was Music Box which catered for the needs of the thriving local Folk Club, hence the guitar strings, small selection of harmonicas, and so on.

I seem to recall they were quite badly squeezed when a large-ish local newsagent tried to mimmick the music section of W H Smith - at the point in the late 80s when some of the record labels became a bit like the ladies of the night, and sold their wares to anyone who was interested.

Sad - they were nice people, served a good section of the local community; shared customers with Astley's and co-existed in the twon well. Anorther victim of profiteering, characterless non-specialists (stationers/newsagent) trying to be jacks of all trades, and pushing the masters off the market.  Comment: Tony S

Used to shop in here from 1972-75. Loved the place

steven davidson





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