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McKillop, and Normelle. Murdochs were a large retail group who took over McKillop's Scottish shops, and combined the names. The Normelle piano will have been made for Murdochs, probably at the Spencer factory, but no dates of serial numbers are available.

Helen Mckillop said "I noticed in the UK Piano question page that someone wished to find information on their piano which was marked Murdoch Mckillop. The firm was founded by my great- grandfather E Mckillop in 1903. The shop was located at 202 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Details of the shop's opening can be found in the Piano & Organ Journal Sept 1903. It was then handed on to my grandfather JM Mckillop who died in the 1930's. Unfortunately my grandmother sold the firm as my father & his brothers were away at war. We also had cousins in the same trade, who were located in Oxford Street, London. My grandfather visited New York in the 1920s to gain new ideas from the Americans - he met Thomas Edison on this visit. Hope this information is of interest. "



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