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Dave Harwood
15 Apr 2024 at 01:40
I found this piece in the 'Chelsea News & General Advertiser' dated 12th December 1975:
“MOWBRAYS BOOKSHOP, of 28 Margaret Street, Oxford Circus (formerly solely religious booksellers and church furnishers), today stock RECORDS, greetings cards and secular books on a very large scale. In 1974, the Theological Books department moved upstairs to a new home on the first floor. This total reconstruction virtually trebled the selling space. A highly significant feature of Mowbrays is the interior of the shop itself. There is a generous amount of space, so that customers are not jostled and pushed by one another. Books, greeting cards and RECORDS are very personal things. The interior, which is completely modernised, is fully carpeted and this is a great noise deterrent. There are three locations: FIRST FLOOR - religion, theology, bibles, book-binding, church requisites; GALLERY - travel, maps, reference, Penguins, Children's; GROUND FLOOR - general books and paperbacks, greetings cards, RECORDS, CASSETTES.”



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