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Dave Harwood
08 Nov 2023 at 10:31
I found an article in both the 'Streatham News' & the 'Norwood News' dated 31st January 1930: “The biggest and most disastrous fire ever remembered in Tooting broke out shortly after three o'clock yesterday (Thursday) afternoon. It was at the Tooting public market at the Broadway. The outbreak was first seen at Elliott’s household linen and curtain shop. A woman in the shop rushed out shouting 'Fire! Fire!'. Instantly, the flames burst out, spreading to Chadwick’s toy stall next door, then to Childerhouse's, the butcher's, and Maycock's warehouses, where a large quantity of ham and bacon was stored. In a twinkling, all the 30 shops at the rear of the market were like a blazing furnace. It was impossible to save anything at all. The following shops and stalls were gutted, the entire contents perishing in the flames - 1. Mrs. Ellis, the greengrocer’s, - Rubin’s, - 13. Phillip's Tea-rooms, Wallis's perfumery store, Brown and Lockett, leather and grindery, Mrs. Downe's greengrocery store, Morgan’s, the tobacconist, Stringer’s fancy goods and costumiers, MONTY HOWARD'S MUSIC SHOP, Elliott's baby linen, 3 Chadwick's bookstall, Pearce’s sweet shop. The market was busy when the alarm was given, and scores of people were inside, but no panic arose.”



Broadway Market, Tooting High Street SW17 Tooting / London
Junction Market, Tooting Junction Tooting / London
South Wimbledon Market, Merton High Street SW19 Merton / London
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