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“On Saturdays, teenagers used to go upstairs at WH Smith’s or Milliers music shop opposite the Town Hall and sit in record booths listening to the latest EPs.

“Everyone wore hot pants, flares, cheesecloth and platforms. I used to go to Hobbits Hole and dance to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd or pubs like the London Inn and the Britannia Inn where everybody knew each other.”
1970s: Sally Huxham, of Milton Road, Weston.

I remember fondly Hobbits as mentioned by Sally Huxham. It’s DJ was Ken Bavin who also worked at Exons ..if it was quiet Ken would occasionally play a request for colleagues at the end of the night, sometimes Roy Harpers “Grown-ups are just silly children”

On looking at Weston-super-mare, I was delighted to see HG Millier. This was owned by my uncle Clifford Smith, it had previously been based around the corner in Walliscote rd? changing location in about 1960? This was Opposite the now defunct odeon with its famous cinema organ. My mother had worked at Milliers in that incarnation . Milliers was much more than a record shop selling hifi sheet music and musical instruments into the bargain. They had a renowned piano-tuner. I still have a Sony TC377 reel to reel from 1975.

Semprini once pulled out of a concert at the Knightstone as the piano was allegedly not tuned properly. He subsequently admitted that there had been nothing amiss with the piano ..he just didn’t fancy playing.

Richard Watkins. (2023)


Dave Harwood
08 Nov 2023 at 04:57
I found an advert in the 'Weston-Super-Mare Gazette' dated 26th November 1910: “H. G. MILLIER & Co., WATERLOO STREET, WESTON-SUPER-MARE. ’Phone 331.”



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