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I remember it well from the 60s - its name was Memrydiscs (all one word) and I bought a lot of my records there. You could also take your stylus in to be checked, to see if you needed a new one. The proprietor was a tall distinguished-looking middle-aged chap with swept-back hair who smoked a pipe. The counter was on the slant on the left as you went in and as I recall there were listening booths on the right. The shop closed many years ago and was demolished when the pavement on that corner was widened and landscaped.

Graham Larkbey

I remember it very well. I lived in Isleworth and it was my "local" record shop.

I worked part time in The Rifleman pub in Hanworth Road. When I got paid on Friday afternoon I would rush up the road and convert the cash into vinyl.
Sad to see it go.
John Hooper

Remember it well from the early 80's before it made way for the new Treaty Centre I thought? Bought my first Beatles and Kinks singles and a Northern Soul comp. in there. The pipe-smoking owner was a nice fella, was happy to order something if not in stock. Happy memories of Saturday afternoon trips from Hounslow West together with a visit in to the small Our Price next to Littlewoods....
Dave Noonan

Thanks to you. Finally tracked this/Memrydiscs name down. Yes I remember the pipe smoker and the listening booths. Embarassingly I remember buying my first very single (Brotherhood of Man's Angelo) and Album (Abba's first greatest hits). Yes this went after they put up the Treaty Centre I think. Been trying to recall all the old record shops in Hounslow I used when a kid in 1970s/80s. I'd remembered getting vinyl in Woolworths but in later teenage years graduated to punk and new wave interest, used Rumblelows (old electrical shop up the high street opposite M+S with actually really good selection of vinyl) as well as Cloud 7 (opposite Woolies)(which later became Our Price). Later in life, in 1991/2, after returning from my travels I ended up working in Our Price in Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport. Claim to fame was serving Suzi Quatro - can't recall what she bought.
Cliff Webb


Lee Russell
06 Jun 2023 at 07:46
Got my first 7" record from memrydiscs, eye of the tiger,survivor. Remember being disappointed about getting a black cover and not the picture cover but, loved it anyway!
Shame these sort of places have gone. Great memories though!
Carlo Sharp
06 Jun 2023 at 09:33
I used to buy many of my early records from Memorydiscs. Bockbuster! by The Sweet was the first record I bought from there in 1973. And yes, I remember the proprietor as well, smoking his pipe.
Ian Temple
08 Jul 2023 at 10:55
Memry Discs was always a Gem of a record shop.. If there was something I was trying to order from the Back Catalogue lists.. If he couldn't get it, nobody could. He found me a couple of gems.. Of course i've still got all my vinyl.. Sounds good too :)
Bob Doherty
24 Oct 2023 at 12:37
I worked for a short period in Our Price Hounslow a magical time among a very diverse bunch including Ted Kessler,i guess that was 1989 or 1990,jeez the world was so much simpler then! Hi to any of that gang still kicking about



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