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Started life in 1978 in a small kiosk on Hastings Pier by Alan Esdaile (better known as international DJ Johnny Mason). Moved to 187 Queens Road and eventually to 190 Queens Road. The shop specialised in indie, alternative, reggae, and oldies unlimited local agent. Chart return shop for the indie chart. The shop closed down in 1989, as Our Price were undercutting our bigger bread & butter titles like The Smiths and Toyah. Masons Music continues today in a warehouse, as a wholesaler of band t-shirts and other merchandise.
(Information supplied by Alan Esdaile.)

Name: Matt Thomas
Comment: Worked here 1985-1987 and again 1989-present.
(13 March 2012)

Name: Tony May
Comment: Masons, as the shop was known, was situated almost opposite The Record Shop in Queens Road, Hastings. Due to this location it found it tough to compete on chart items with the more central The Disc Jockey and (to a lesser extent) my old shop, Stylus Records. This said, Masons was always a good place to go if you wanted something a bit different. The shop was renowned for stocking a lot of punk, new wave and reggae that most of the others would shun, and the Masons sale was a must as you could pick up albums for 10p sometimes! The shop was also well known for stocking button badges and unusual items all of which made it well worth a visit.
(12 March 2012)

Name: Steve Wootton
Comment: Masons Music and Disc Jockey: I used to pore over the latest releases in both, wearing my herringbone overcoat and desert boots. After all, if you were going to The Crypt, Orange Tree, or Pig In Paradise later, you had to know the latest music for serious discussions!

In later years I frequented the secondhand vinyl store at the top of Queens Road, had some great independent label finds there if you looked hard enough. Red Rhino, Mute, Rough Trade, DJ Records especially would bag 'em up and sell them cheaply from a box outside the door.




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