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Name: Dave Hucker
Comment: Maroons Tunes, a great Greek Street shop, many people worked behind the counter - Leroy Anderson - later Mr Dread Broadcasting Corporation, Paul Bradshaw - founder of Straight No Chaser magazine.

Name: Steve Barrow
Comment: I also helped out in Honest Jon’s reggae outlet, ‘Maroon’s Tunes’ in Greek Street, London W1. That shop – the first to import Bullwackie’s music from New York – was run by Rae Cheddie, and assisted by Leroy Anderson aka Lepke. Lepke was the first pirate DJ in London, for the Dread Broadcasting Corporation [DBC] – he’s also related to Rita Marley [née Anderson] and Ranking Miss P, who had a long-running reggae show on BBC Radio London. When Rae or Lepke had a day off, I covered for them. That’s where I first met Peter Dalton, with whom I co-wrote The Rough Guide To Reggae.

Name: R
Comment: I wish it was still there, huge speakers each side of the door.




Greek Street W1D Soho / London
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