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Marlyn Records was essentially an 'all-round' Record Shop. Always well stocked, it catered for all tastes but did try to stock as wide a selection as possible. A bit like Max Records, the shop was always one to keep up with modern trends and I recall the R&B/Rap section being of particular note to joint owner Martin who said that the shop did well with that genre. Marlyn was owned and run by Martin (not sure of his second name) and Lynda Frost. The shop name came from an amalgamation of their two first names.

The shop prospered for quite some time but may not have had a good effect upon 'Carolines' which was almost directly opposite. I used to get a lot of 12" vinyl and promo CD samplers from the shop in my role then as a D.J. and must have spent a fortune in the place over the years. When the shop closed I would guess in the early noughties (can't recall exactly why now?) but Martin and Lynda moved to Hastings and opened 'Sound House' in Castle Street. Comment: Tony May.

(Oct 2, 2012) Tony May said:Having done some research into Sound House records at my local library I have discovered a few inaccuracies in my notes above. Sound House Records opened in Hastings in 1995 so Marlyn must have closed in the early 90's and not 00's as i remembered it (God, how times flies!). Sound House was owned by Lynda Conway (Lynda's correct maiden name) and Kevin Frost (her future husband - hence the mistake above). The reason for the closure of Marlyn I seem to recall now was the breakdown of the relationship between Martin and Lynda Conway. I hope that's cleared things up? flag like

Well stocked and varied record store for new 12" dance releases.

Another of my mid-1990s haunts (still have my purchases). The front dealt with mostly new CD albums and singles. However the doorway to the back had all the best electronic/dance 12" singles and promos available.

House, Drum'n'Bass, Hip Hop and Rap 12" being spun on the deck at the counter when I visited. They may have been a turntable at the back section too.

It was still open in the late-1990s as I still locally find second hand 12" singles today with original Marlyn Music stickers on them. I have a feeling it closed around 2002.

David Hudson




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