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Pete Dee

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Does anyone have any photos of shops along Northfield Avenue from 70s-80s? Especially Magnum Records, Tealectrics, Harveys Exchange Mart, Les and Thelmas chippy etc etc? I've been through the page and can't see any of them, would love to jog my memories, especially Magnum Records.

As you can see I'm new to this board but the Frankie Knuckles thread has great interest to me for many reasons being ongoing and past memories and actions.

Now what I would like to know is why you like, love or have an interest in your genre.
This could include many reasons, radio, clubs, bars, gigs, venues, people, friends, family etc.

The main one for me would be growing up in Northfields with Magnum Records shop backing onto my bedroom so had an education in Soul, Lovers Rock & Reggae from an early age.




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