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Name: James M C Hughes
Comment: Hi, a friend and I opened the Magical Mystery Store in 1977 at 24 North John Street, Liverpool, Merseyside. The store consisted of two businesses, one run by myself where we sold Beatles memorabilia, books and American comics. The other business specialised in rare records and was owned by Trevor Hughes (no relation).

We closed the Magical Mystery Store at the end of 1980 and it became Cavern Mecca, Beatles Museum and Information Centre, 18 Mathew Street, Liverpool, Merseyside.

Magical Mystery Store closed at the end of December 1980, due to my wife Liz's illness. Cavern Mecca opened on 3 January 1981.

We also organised the first four Beatles Conventions from 1981 to 1984 inclusive. Cavern Mecca was the first Beatles Museum to open in Liverpool - despite what others may claim. The other Beatles attraction opened in 1985. (25 February 2017)

Name: Mark Hampson
Comment: Hi - I went to your wonderful store on my 13th birthday. I remember stacks of original Beatles singles on Parlophone, Apple, Swan, Veejay, etc. and albums too but what I particularly remember are the piles of genuine Beatles autographs going for £30, £40, £50, £70 for individuals and reasonable prices for all four. If me and my mum had loaned a few grand from the bank and bought them all we'd be OK now!

I suppose it was only 10 years since the split and John was still living, so prices hadn't yet rocketed.I also remember the friendly service and the excellent postal service using my first name too.

Wish you were still there but I bet those autographs would be thousands now!

Name: Gary Morris
Comment: That shop was fantastic! I remember it well, and it really was magical as it stocked my two favorite things: vinyl records and American comics. It was a brilliant shop, one of the last of [those] strange little independent shops that sadly are no more.




24 North John Street L2 9RP Liverpool / Merseyside
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