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The Lyon & Hall shop opened as a piano and sheet music shop at the seaward end of East Street in 1850, and is very likely to be the oldest music shop in Brighton. They moved to 92 Western Road in 1941, when the original shop was blown up by the Luftwaffe. They are listed as ‘TV dealers’ and started selling records around then and were the first shop to sell Rock & Roll in Brighton in the 1950s. They closed as a record shop in 1975.

Name: Horace Harris.
Comment: The most important record shop in Brighton was Lyon & Hall, at the seaward end of East Street, which catered largely for classical music. Later it moved to Western Road in Hove, immediately facing its main rival, Murdoch's. This was also noted for its stock of classical music. Both also sold pianos and musical instruments. All these gramophone record shops displayed sheet music.


Dave Harwood
22 Jan 2024 at 02:00
I found this advert in the 'Worthing Gazette' dated 30th November 1960: “When you're thinking of Christmas, think of Lyon & Hall. What could be more acceptable, for example, than a fine recording of a favourite work? Come and choose it now! LYON & HALL 92 WESTERN ROAD, BRIGHTON.”



92 Western Road BN1 2LB Brighton / East Sussex
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