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Owned and opened by jim and Geoffrey Ali in the1970s.

(March 20, 2015) I remember going in here in about 1986 and finding stacks of ex-stock Trojan LPs - 'Trojan Reggae Party', Greyhound's 'Black and White', and 'Bruce Ruffin's 'Rain' were a few titles I remember. No really collectable titles that I recall, but very unusual to find this type of record in these quantities even back then. Comment: Mark Griffiths.

I worked for Harlequin from 1973 to around 1983. I started at Pultney Street and went on to manage the store at Old Street. I eventually managed the London Record Centre in Rupert Street which became Price buster Records for Paul Krieger.I also worked in most of the West End stores at one time of another.I was a great friend of Mossy and would come to work with him in the mornings early so we could meet everybody in the cafe for breakfast. Of course we also had some rather memorable or perhaps immemorial nights at the Glasshouse!I would still say that they were the best days of my working life,so many good friends. Would love to get in touch with anyone. I have been retired now for about five years and live in rural Lincolnshire. I will never forget my days at Harlequin or Pricebuster. Paul McKenzie.




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