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Butts Centre 1970's / 80's.

(May 15, 2013) edneofflowers said:Listen was located at the top of the escalators in The Butts Centre (now the Broad Street Mall). Great shop with a great stock of metal, imports, indies, the works. One of my faves. Cheers David for the background info, I never knew any of that at the time.
I'll always remember getting Cheap Tricks' 'Standing on the Edge' on import about 2 days after the US release and being gobsmacked by how quick Listen had it. A gem of a shop.

(July 15, 2012) Administrator said:Thank you David for the contribution to the archive.

I worked in Music market in Smelly Alley - although a rival to Listen we were both independents and I spent a lot of my time with Tubbs. Both of us were Gallup shops and we exploited the fact with the label reps as much as possible. I remember the EMI rep coming in and showing us a thing called a CD - we laughed.
Ian Adamson

Fond memories of my time at Reading College visiting the Butts Centre via number 17 bus from Wokingham Road to buy indie vinyl at Listen. Then to Centa Cafe just to Listen's right for a coffee. No mobile phones, no social media; better times, sadly gone.

Matthew Curtis

Geoffrey Jerome

I can remember buying Queen's First Album in Listen


Dave Harwood
02 Nov 2023 at 05:49
I found an advert in the 'Reading Evening Post' dated 14th September 1985: “LISTEN RECORDS - Best rates in town * Cheapest LP's available * Disco imports * Supply to discos. Don't delay come in today - for all the top sounds. 131 BUTTS CENTRE, READING. Tel: 595002.”
Steve Hampton
27 Nov 2023 at 11:36
was the "Listen" shop where Quiksilver used to be ? or were they next to each other?



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