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( Feb 01, 2016) Muswell Hill boasted two record shops in the fifties and sixties. A small shop near the top of Muswell Hill and part of The Ritz Cinema called Tudor Records and the second and larger Les Aldrich Records on Fortis Green. This was a stunning shop as it had a large stock and also sold musical instruments which I and other adolescent youths used to salivate over. It has since moved across the opposite side of the road. It was amazing in its heyday they would stock ALL the releases of the big stars of the day. Cliff Richard, The Shadows, Elvis, Duane Eddy, Lonnie Donegan, Billy Fury, Bobby Vee and it was singles, EPs and Long Players too! Two of my secondary school mates were Dave Davies and George Harris and we were just as potty over music as each other ! Happy Daze! Mike (Paul) Richards.

In the 1960s it sold the Davies brothers Ray and Dave – of the Kinks – who lived nearby, their first guitars. ​


Dave Harwood
02 Nov 2023 at 04:25
I found the address of Les Aldrich in the 'Holloway Press' dated 20th April 1962: “Les Aldrich, 29, Fortis Green Road, Muswell Hill.” … and Google Street View (March 2023) shows that it has moved to 98 Fortis Green Road (on the other side of the road).



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