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Name: David Shoben.
Comment: My father Paul started Paul For Music in 1954 and opened the first shop at 13 Cambridge Heath Road E1. The staff at the counter comprised Paul and Carla. The row of shops was knocked down in 1964 and Paul For Music moved to 24 Cambridge Heath Road. The main staff over the next 20 years included Paul, Carla, Sylvie, Carol, and the infamous Mickey.

In 1987 Paul retired and I bought the shop which continued trading till 2005. My colleagues included Mervyn, Eamon, Dean, and Saturday boy Daniel. Two of these gained fame as Liquid (Sweet Harmony) - Eamon - and Billy Bunter (happy hardcore) - Daniel. The Finsbury Park branch was bought in 1960 and sold in 1980.

During the whole of this time it was run by the legendary Sally, the reggae queen. A distinct business was the Leather Lane Music Shop in Holborn managed by Arthur. The shop ran under his guidance from 1964 to 1976. I have only stumbled across your site today keep up the good work brilliant.




67 Leather Lane EC1N 7TJ Holborn / London
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