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t(Jan 13, 2014) Phil jessop said:I remember around 1974 ! the elderly guy there was selling up & there were racks of unplayed uk London label singles, as well as racks of unplayed 60's albums, I did buy some singles & the merseybeat first album, a short time later the owner of vintage record centre in north London wen to langlys & bought his entire contents out.

(Feb16,2015) Langley's in Bromley Hill, that was very similar to 'Reeds' in Peckham, old fashion shop but held a great back-catalogue. Indeed, I remember I was in Langley's buying a totally different record and I just asked whether he knew whether I would still be likely to get hold of Rod Stewart's first single 'Good Morning Little Schoolgirl' which was released in 1965 on Decca, he turned around and pulled it off the shelf - amazing! Comment: Geoff Garoghan.




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