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Name: Michael Viner
Comment: KMK Records was at 286 Beckenham High Street from at least the early 1970s (the record inside the bag when I found it in a Beckenham Charity shop was Donny Osmond's Why - and it's written on the other side of the bag - which dates it to 1973) and was there right through until relatively recently. I remember it still being there in the early 1990s. I think it closed down mid- to late 1990s.

Name: Myra Long.
Comment: Hi, I'm trying to contact a guy who used to work in KMK record shop in Beckenham, he was called Glen Hayes. I think he worked there until 1983.
(18 January 2016)

Name: Ian Chambers
Comment: Very fond memories of buying many singles from KMK in Beckenham, and also their Elmers End shop. My main record shop between 1974 and 1980.

Name: Rob Crowe
Comment: I used to shop at KMK when I was a kid (around 1978 or so) and I remember Glen, and the manager was Bob. I used to stop into the shop as I had to change over from the 227 bus to the 166 bus on my way home from school. Good times.

Name: Richard Thompson
Comment: Bear with me as these memories are over 40 years ago and I stand to be corrected!

KMK Records was owned and run by Bob Kingdom and his wife Molly (hence KMK). The Beckenham shop being in the High Street always had a good number of customers, however the footfall at the Elmers End shop (55 Croydon Road, junction with Langley Rd) relied upon customers from the local factories (Twinlock, Muirheads, and a large leather factory whose name escapes me).

Bob ran Beckenham, Glenn ran Elmers End until he left and Adrian took over. Glenn rejoined KMK but now working at Beckenham. Bob found new premises in Penge and Elmers End shut in 1975. Penge didn’t last very long either.

A great shame as KMK was a great record store. Ahh memories.

Name: Stuart Bridgeman
Comment: Glenn left KMK in 1983 and lived in Italy for many years before returning to the UK, where he is now a successful author and has published around half a dozen novels.

Name: Al Crombie
Comment: One of the stores that started my vinyl habit, along with Beanos in Croydon. I used to drop in to KMK most Saturdays between 1980-84 to spend the proceeds of a paper round from the post office near Kelsey Park - often before or after going to the flicks down the road.

Bob was great, for regulars he used to save the promo covers and display stuff from the store window of your favourite bands. They would go straight up on my bedroom wall, a habit my big brother got me into and who also used to spend loads of time (and cash!) in store. Still got most of the 7"s and LPs I bought in there. Still collecting too!

Great memories of weekends way back when.


Angie Piccinin
18 Aug 2023 at 10:58
I was the first Saturday girl at KMK; I went by my first name Wendy then. Great place to work, Bob & Molly were really nice people and Glen was good to work with too. Remember when 'Dark Side of the Moon' was released - huge line up.



286 Beckenham High Street BR3 1DY Beckenham / London
55 Croydon Road BR3 4AB Beckenham / London
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