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Name: Steve Maggs.
Comment: Knights had a shop in a prestigious site on Broad Street but latterly re- located to a smaller shop on the corner of Friar Street and Union Street.

Name: Barry Case.
Comment: Knights was the place to hang out on a Saturday. Had an extensive record section downstairs but also had a large toys and games department upstairs with all the current video games being demonstrated. Would spend hours up there... Good times.

Name: Paul Wright
Comment: I remember Knights really well. It was ITV to WH Smiths' BBC. All the records were downstairs...
(17 January 2013)


Andy Jones
28 May 2024 at 10:08
I always remember getting static shocks from the chrome railings in Knights. Something about the brown synthetic carpets! I’d forgotten about the upper toy area, but for ember the dark subterranean record collections. Great memories.



Broad Street Reading / Berkshire
Caversham Reading / Berkshire
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