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John Cowelle he worked with Elton John in a music shop in Soho, owned a music stall in Kensington market where Freddie Mercury sold shoes and hung out with Jimi Hendrix. “Simon’s not particularly musical. I had aspirations to be Hendrix or Eric Clapton. My fantasy was to be behind a mike on an electric guitar,” he says, pointing to his own axe.

(May 19, 2014) Moonboy said:Another Fave, somewhere indoors I have a printed Ad for this store in the back of a Sisters of Mercy Fanzine called Reptile House, will try and upload it.


Andrew Weatherall quote from 'The Record Palyers'.


Dave Harwood
16 Feb 2024 at 05:55
I found this piece in the 'Illustrated London News' dated 1st September 1971:
“Kensington Market, 49-53 High St., Kensington, London W8. A development on the antique supermarket theme with 40 boutiques & over 100 stalls selling anything from pop records to Victorian petticoats.”
Dave Harwood
16 Feb 2024 at 06:36
I found this piece in the 'Marylebone Mercury' dated 19th April 1968: “PAPER DOLLS: Tiger, Spider and Copper - better known as the Paper Dolls pop group - have taken a stall in the Kensington Market, Kensington High Street. The girls are currently enjoying a tremendous success with their record, 'Something in My Heart', which is rapidly climbing the record charts.”



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