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There was also a branch of Kelleys Records in Brentwood High Street - on the first floor above quite an upmarket audio/visual shop (B&O hi-fi's and the like). Bought my first chart singles there in the early 70's! happy days! Comment: Viv Hughes

(April 12, 2015) Kellys had a shop in Basildon town centre there rivals were Godfreys and Downtowns,or Rumbelows,same as shop Brentwood top notch bo and finlux tv hifi downstairs upstairs shop,i shouldn't say it but knew guy who worked there for bit till sacked people would go in and ask for latest mod or disco 12" and he'd bag it up and say thanks take no money Basildon shop was in middle town by clock,now i think a jd sports or something used to be burtons taylors there one time to next door almost. Comment: David Malone

I have a picture (attached) of the some TV's and hifi lined up on the shelf in the Southend shop when I was the locum manager there for a couple of weeks, but none from outside unfortunately. You can see the window display of LP covers and posters in the background.

I lived in Billericay and was assistant manager in the Brentwood branch of Kelleys Radio (with two 'e's), and a security key holder whose telephone number was on record with the local police. The manager lived MILES away - about 75 minutes drive. So I got a call from the police at 2am on Thursday (my day off) the week before Christmas to say that the shop had been broken into. The thieves crowbar had at first bounced off the glass, but they managed eventually to knock a hole large enough to climb through and steal a few smaller things. The emergency boarding up team came within an hour and by lunchtime the window was replaced!!

The following Sunday at 4am ... you guessed it, "Mr. Jayne, I'm very sorry to have to wake you again at such an early hour, but your shop's been done again." This time it had been ram-raided and could I 'attend'. The devastation was stunning. The large reinforced glass window had exploded into a million pieces that went all over the pavement, flying down the shop, and also into the record department. There were hifi pieces and TVs dragged half way out of the windowframe that they hadn't managed to get out because we used to tie the mains cables together to stop petty shoplifting.

As luck would have it, a police patrol was driving down towards Romford and saw a van ahead with some cables hanging out the back door. They stopped it and managed to nab the two thieves, together with a whole lot of quite damaged hifi too. David (2024)


Dave Harwood
29 Oct 2023 at 11:41
I found three addresses in the ‘Brentwood Gazette’ dated 26th April 1968: “KELLEYS - Phone or call at 11 HIGH STREET, BRENTWOOD, Phone: 2871 • 82 TOWN SQUARE, BASILDON, Phone 21638 • 8 BERRYS ARCADE, HIGH STREET, RAYLEIGH, Phone: DOWnhall 2989 - KELLEYS VALUE.”
... and this advert in the ‘Brentwood Gazette’ dated 26th September 1969: “KELLEYS for RECORDS. We will improve the sound of Brentwood with the new sound of TAMLA MOTOWN, RHYTHM & BLUES, COUNTRY & WESTERN, JAZZ, LIGHT ORCHESTRAL, THE BEST VOCALISTS, SOUNDTRACKS, CLASSICAL, Budget price selections. Nearly 2,000 singles to choose from. OPEN SATURDAY 27th SEPTEMBER. Visit our New Record Dept. at 11 High Street, Brentwood”
... and this advert in the ‘Brentwood Gazette’ dated 13 November 1970: “BARGAINS: KELLEYS are moving across the road. Hundreds of LP's MUST BE SOLD LESS THAN HALF PRICE • 3 SINGLES FOR ONLY 10/- • LP RECORDS BY WELL KNOWN ARTISTES • GIVE RECORDS THIS CHRISTMAS • SALE MUST FINISH SATURDAY 14th NOVEMBER at 6 p.m. • KELLEYS for RECORDS - SINGLES, EPs, LPs - OVER 4,000 RECORDS IN STOCK. 11 HIGH ST., BRENTWOOD.”
... and these two addresses in the ‘Billericay Gazette’ dated 4th November 1988: “KELLEYS – BRENTWOOD: 8 High Street. Tel.: 215519 • CHELMSFORD: 16-18 New London Road. Tel.: 266764.”
David Jayne
18 Feb 2024 at 01:05
I worked in the Kelleys Radio branch in Brentwood for about 7 years. During that time, the decision was made to close the very large upstairs record department, take out the staircase (with a tremendous amount of noise and dust) and rent out the space as offices. This meant the record shop was fitted into the front of the TV/HiFi shop behind a false wall. I still have some of the LPs I bought then with a staff discount. Kelleys also had branches in Romford, Basildon, Chelmsford, Braintree, Southend, Leigh-On-Sea (head office) and Hadleigh.
Paul Finucane
25 Mar 2024 at 09:53
I worked at Godfreys in Basildon and then Kelleys Basildon in the Eastgate Centre, promoted and moved to Brentwood, loved those times, Eddie Lawless was my manager in Brentwood, he was great guy, a proper gentleman, the best times were doing deliveries at Christmas, the tips were ridiculous, most places gave us four cans, a tenner each etc. (brilliant when you are a teen), I also used to go out to plan some of the B&O installs in some amazing houses around Brentwood, I am sure I could still demo that gear around Brentwood, what I would give for a £5,000 system today :-)

I didn't work in the record department but they always had an extremely flexible 'loan' policy, I probably still have a few albums which may be due to be returned at some point ;-)



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