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Image Ade Macrow Pre-1965 company single cover

.They also sold electrical goods and guitars. I think I got my first guitar there aged 13. The first single was 'When You Walk In The Room', by the Searchers. I'm pretty sure that this became Opus Records in the 1970s.

(Jan 20, 2013) Flint said:The shop was in Southgate, North London. At some time in the 1970/80s it became a stationery store.

(April 30, 2015) Keating & Rumens didn't become Opus Records that was in Chase Side it did become a stationers with the records at the back. Closed mid seventies. Comment: Christine Guntley nee Rumens.

There was another Keating & Rumens shop at 334 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13. (Telephone number: PAL 5708).
Exact address of Southgate branch was 4 Dennis Parade, Southgate, London N14. (Telephone number: PAL 3684}. Ade Macrow ( (May 4, 2016)

Went to school in Southgate , North London . In the 6th form , in the late 60s, we would venture out , go to the Mayfair Cafe in Chase Side, play pinball, listen to the juke box and have frothy coffee and a rum baba. Then toddle down to Keating and Rumens in Dennis Parade to ogle all the new album releases on display. In those days the underground or progressive section was tiny , if you had in total the right 30 albums you were on top of the scene . We would select a couple to listen to and read the sleeve nots , then maybe pop into the Alan Pullinger centre , a kind of your club , to play table tennis, shoot the breeze and listen to great music. Those were the days, yes they were, those were the days!
Alan Harding

Re "becoming Opus" - it might have done, but Opus Records was located on the other side of Green Lanes.
Graham Goodall

Remember the Dennis Parade shop. Sound booths meant you could try before buying. Bought a few LPs there in the late 60s, including Incredible String Band's '5000 Spirits ...'. Also the CBS sampler which the lady behind the counter was pleased to call 'The Rock Machine Turns On You'. It was of course 'The Rock Machine Turns You On'.
Ed Hudson

Pretty sure that Keating and Rumens were still there until the early 1980s or perhaps a little later. My parents rented their televisions from them from the 1960s through to at least 1981, in the latter case they upgraded to a colour television for the royal wedding of 1981. I can still remember the engineer coming round to sort out various valve televisions and the smell of burning dust from the large ceramic resistors inside the chassis.
Brian Morrison


Dave Harwood
07 Mar 2024 at 04:22
I found this listing in the 'Daily Herald' dated 1st May 1958: “N.13.— MESSRS. KEATING & RUMENS LTD., 334, Green Lanes, Palmers Green. Tel.: Palmers Green 5708; N.14.— MESSRS. KEATING & RUMENS LTD., 4, Dennis Parade, Winchmore Hill Rd., Southgate. Tel.: Palmers Green 3664.”



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