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Name: scotwalkman
Comment: Jukebox Records was in the left-hand corner of Enfield Town station – I think it had previously been a newsagent kiosk and if you stretched your arms out, you could probably touch the walls. Sadly, I forget the guy’s name who ran it as a hobby after retirement. I remember though that he was an old Teddy Boy – the shop was filled with those beautiful, almost Kodachrome saturated album sleeves from the 1950s and 1960s. He used to get a lot of New Wave stuff in too – but he had no idea how to price it. I could really have taken the mick, but I was only 15, very naïve and I wanted to see him succeed as there were only two other independents in Enfield at the time; Phase 3 on Lancaster Road and Harum in town, and they weren’t too hot on second-hand stuff.

Name: FreakyChuckler
Comment: I remember Jukebox & the old Ted who ran it. I seem to remember buying Ry Cooder's theme from 'Crossroads' in there.

Name: Mark Griffiths.
Comment: I visited the shop a couple of times when I lived in Chingford. By the accounts I've heard, he had no idea how to price old Ska and Reggae - but sadly, I wasn't in the shop when the original Prince Buster albums were in the racks for £2!

Name: Mike Dixon.
Comment: Jukebox was originally run by Colin Bendall; when he retired to the Isle of Wight his brother Terry took it on. I think it closed in the late 1990s or early 2000s.
(5 February 2016)




Enfield Town Station, Southbury Road EN1 1YX Enfield / London
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