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Comment: Michael Bradshaw. ( Feb 29, 2016)

Originally the Jubilee building was a Tesco supermarket. In the early/ mid 80s it turned into a sort of open market type place with a ton of stalls selling different merchandise ... computer games, books, knick knacks.

Upstairs was a huge area and was run as a record shop for some years. At first I think it was the guy from Brighton Book & Record World (also Gardner St) ... he wasn't there for very long when Dave & Sian Minns moved in. Originally Dave worked at HMV in Churchill Sq Brighton, this is in the late 70s and very early 80s. Then for a short while he had a very small shop in Tidy Street, just by Wax Factor. When he moved into Jubilee it changed the town for the better by about 1000%. You could always find good stuff both new and 2nd hand and the prices were great. I took a ton of records in to trade and always came away with top stuff. Dave had great connections in the wholesale business and a practised eye at buying 2nd hand. It was worth going in every day to look through the new stuff. After a few years Dave and Sian moved a couple of doors down the road and opened Borderline (another story). I remember taking in the first CD Dave had ever seen. He looked at it in horror, realising the future had arrived and from now on he would be dealing in fragile little plastic boxes.


Maff Dyke
06 Jun 2023 at 10:08
Dave and Sian always had albums that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Brighton at Rock bottom prices!

Three examples are finding Nitro’s OFR album after seeing their track Freight Train on MTV and Beau Nasty-Dirty But Well Dressed album, again after seeing the track Shake It on MTV. Dirty Blonde’s LP Passion I picked up purely for the 4 dudes on the front cover and obscure record label Outpost Entertainment Company



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