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(Sept 28, 2014) steve goddard (son) said:Incredible! All these years later Dads stamp shows up..and in prestine condition! His name lives on on the internet! Fantastic :)x

(Sept 28, 2014) Mike Goddard said:AMAZING!!! To find this here is unbelievable! Jim was my dad and I worked for him all through school. We had mail order from Winkley street and 4 stalls - Brick Lane (sundays), Broadway Mkt (Sats), Hoxton Mkt (Sats) and East Street (Sat). He stamped all his covers like the picture here. Unfortunately, the tax man caught up with him in the late 70s and the sold the stock. He sadly died in 1984. I think our biggest claim to fame was buying 1000 copies of My Bonnie by The Beatles on original DG pressings and 500 copies of A Lovers Question by Clyde Mcphatter!!!




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