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I would begin my journey in Dalston Lane at Java, a stone's throw away from the legendary Four Aces nightclub. Freshly opened, this most alluring little “record shack” was run by drummer Jah Bunny, bassist Floyd Lawson, and a most stylish and knowledgeable youth called Lenny. The style and pattern of the day was most enticing – the unbuckled woven ites gold and green belt and the Gabichi were vital, as was that rakishly offset Baker’s Boy – and the attempts of this grey boy to look relaxed and “down” in this 100% black environment earned me the risible moniker of “screwface”. That said, Java and its successor, M&D Records, which was run by Lee Hall – a selectah and salesman par excellence – became my second home
[from The Art Of Buying Reggae Music by Paul Bradshaw.]




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