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I used to frequent Janes & Adams in High Barnet. They used to be in the High Street, a few doors down from the Red Lion pub. They closed in the seventies, when the whole block they were in was demolished for an extension to the Middlesex University.

They were actually a electrical retailer, but the Barnet branch started selling records as well in the early nineteen-sixties.The company also had branches in Finchley Central, East Finchley, North Finchley and Whetstone, but as far as I know, only the Barnet branch ever sold records. I bought large numbers of records from there, as I worked in the area. I remember a very attractive young lady who used to work there, but she left around 1967 to get married.

Peter Smith

Name Nigel Adams Comment: Janes and Adams was started by my father's uncle early last century in Palmers Green and grew to 8 shops with a head office in Whetstone, where the TV and Audio repairs were done. I worked in the Barnet branch that you refer to in the 70's in my school holiday but sadly don't recall the pretty girl that you mention. My uncle shut it in the early 80's due to competition from Currys/Comet one of which has since shut due to the internet. Times change! Nigel Adams PS. My first car was a J&A delivery mini van which I resprayed! (Jan 12, 2017)

Hi,I grew up in North Finchley during the 1960-70s. I remember J&A very well,back then,they still stocked & sold bicycles.
My friend David trained as a tv engineer,I also trained but with Russell Wood,New Barnet. J & A had very good reputation & it was sad to see another old TV electrical company close.Russell Wood followed a few years later,due to very stiff competition from the then multiple discount warehouses.
john jones

This was my first job after leaving school , it was a lovely environment to work in , mr adams was. A real old gent , and I remember when he bought a red etype jag , and said it was his “ new toy” I had not a clue on cars! But he was very pleased with it I remember an older lady who also worked there her name was ( mickey ) short for michell , I stayed for a couple of months as found more local retail work, but yes was a lovely shop.
Lorraine Gardner


24 Jul 2023 at 01:21
one of the Janes and Adams stores
is seen in the tv show
The Champions
4 minutes and 32 seconds into the show.
Russell Williams
26 Nov 2023 at 10:40
I worked for Mr and Mrs Adams as their gardener for a couple of years in the early 90's, they were a lovely couple. He still had the red E- type jag then, and used to get it out to drive up and down their driveway to keep the battery charged I suspect. He was a proper old school English gentleman, of the like rarely seen nowadays.



Janes And Adams High Barnet

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