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I worked in a great independent record shop called I.Q records on Lexington st soho in the 90's. We specialised in deep experimental electronic music and sold many records straight from the artist who would carry in a pile and hope we would take some. The shop lasted for about five years and was a hub for electronic music lovers, dj's and artists. All the staff wages went on records and there was always a huge pile behind the counter saved and waiting to be paid for! Many people think v fondly of this shop and it brought a lot of people together. I served, among others, Paul and Stella McCartney, Malcolm Mclaren, and many Detroit, Chicago and London artists. Good times! Comment: Jane Travis

In 1996 Andy became a music buyer for the now infamous IQ record store. The store subsequently became a Mecca for underground electronicia and established Andy one of the most respected Electro DJ's in the capital. Two years later he hooked up with the Outside Records contingent and these encounters subsequently helped secured future DJ tours and an artistic partnership which has lasted ever since. 1998 also saw Andy holding down a number of residencies at Technology, Sub Terrain, Electric Kingdom and Arthrob, all at The End in London. He also organised parties for IQ Records in an old theatre in London's West End and promoted several three day parties in a 17th century chateau in Normandy, France. 1999 saw the sad demise of IQ Records, so Andy decided to set up Pyramid - a small Soho record shop dedicated to Electro, IDM and Electronica.

(Feb 4, 2014) Jane Travis said:Good memories xxx




Lexington St Soho / London
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