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Name Sirius Demand Comment:This Shop Was The BOMB For any Budding DJ back In The Early 90's. Quality vinyl Imports and first come fist serve latest White Labels.
They had Top DJ's Playing Sets and selling you vinyl Instore. I got served by Carl Cox one day and Luke Slater the next. You just can't imagine something like that happening now. Jelly Jam Records in the lanes was the only big competition for Inner Rhythm. Sterns a stones throw away. Happy Daze. (Jan26,2017)

Hey, just wondering who may of wrote this. I ran the place from when the Brighton shop opened in early 1990. There's not much info or pictures out there, no one actually thought to take any back then, i think i may have a handful of inside the store and only one from the outside. Good to see it still lying in peoples memories though, they were certainly happy days indeed.

Darren Murphy




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