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Name: Lynne Brodie
Comment: Fabulous oldies shop. Virtually all stock in mint/unplayed condition. Some real rarities. Owner Dave Frickers kept everything in pristine condition and was almost sorry when he had to sell anything!
(30 January 2016)

Name: Gene Robertson.
Comment: The House of Wax was the very first rare record shop I visited when I got into record collecting in the late 1970s. Dave was always a top man - friendly, knowledgable, and 100% genuine. He had a lot of time for me, and was always happy to give advice, and even discounts! A guy I owe a lot to for his help and guidance in the early days, and who I always have maximum respect for. I wonder what Dave's doing now? Hope he's well.

Name: Charlie Mak
Comment: Listening to Rockabilly Radio today my thoughts cast back to the 1980s when I used to hang out at House of Wax in Kentish Town.

Dave built on my knowledge of rock and roll and vinyl, and is probably responsible for the collection of wax and Dansette record players that clutter our home.




38 Broadway Parade N8 9DB Hornsey / London
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