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Name: peacemomger1
Comment: The old HMV shop, Stockton-on-Tees (next to what is now B&M (the old Woolies); I got two vinyl singles, Babylon's Burning & Something That I Said by The Ruts - 10p each, an absolute bargain. The shop assistant was gob-smacked that they were in the bargain bin and offered me a fiver for each of them. Needless to say I turned him down. I'd also bought eight other vinyl singles at the same time, total price £1.00. God knows what/who the other eight were by!

Name: Hugh Weldon
Comment: The Dickies visiting HMV in Northumberland Street for a personal appearance and the window going through because of the crush that built up outside. Yes, the band whose only hit was a cover of the Banana Splits theme...
(July 9, 2015)

Name: Mark Bailey
Comment: Only went there the once, me and my Auntie June cycled all the way from Darlington one Saturday 'cos there was an ad in NME (I think) for giveaway singles by someone I'd never heard of and being an enthusiastic collector of vinyl at the time (I had at least ten singles at the time, untold - to the missus anyway - thousands now) I had to have one. The record was by Bryn Hayworth and someone else, an EP entitled 'A Real Giveaway'. Cycled all the way home again, slapped it on dad's record player and... what a load of hippy $hit! Haven't listened to it since then but still have it in a box somewhere, one day I shall perhaps give it another listen and see if I've grown up yet.




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