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Name: digital killaz
Comment: Like the central London outlets this was a good place to shop during the 1980s and 1990s. They would have a good selection of specialist vinyl and CDs happily coexisting with mainstream MOR.

I think they hired specialists like independent shops, and as a result they could cater to specialist buyers like myself. They also had listening posts including turntables. Bought some great stuff here over the years across various genres. Favourites would be The Ragga Twins' Reggae Owes Me Money, SuperCat's Sweets For My Sweet, Omni Trio's Renegade Snares, and Pete Rock & CL Smooth's The Main Ingredient, to name but a few.

Then some idiot took over the business in the 2000s and got rid of all the specialists and listening stations and decided to only stock mainstream MOR garbage and ran the company into the ground.

If you go into a big HMV today in any large city or town you can see that they may be trying to move back towards what they once were but they aren't there yet that's for sure.
(16 January 2016)




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