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Can’t believe this has no entry! Arguably THE most important shop in Newcastle’s dance & Electronic history, tucked away up a flight of stairs in an old building on Old Eldon Square. Shopped here from late 80s when they specialised in European Hi NRG & Italo. as a 15 year old it was a petrifying place to shop. Totally intimidating! But the tunes, oh the tunes! Saved up my money to buy Max Mix, Italio Boot Mix and so on, then acid house arrives and with it US house music from Tyree, Fast Eddie and so on. Mind blowing, and this was literally the only show in town at that point. Remember hearing Chime on Radio 1 when it first came out, and hassled them to get a copy. They rang Oh Zone Records in London and got a few, which for the princely sum of £2.98, I secured one of, obviously before FFRR got involved. Happy times, but bloody hell it was a scary place.
Graeme Stoker




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