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Dave Harwood
05 Feb 2024 at 04:11
I found this article in the 'Bookseller' dated 24th May 1996: “BENT’'S NOTES - An assortment of mysterical stories: It took me an afternoon in the company washroom, but eventually I was satisfied. A pot of cow gum, torn suit trousers, purple ink, a large paper clip through my nose and my transformation was complete. Stay in Horace Bent. Step out Sid Bent, punk rocking journalist, spiky-haired split-nosed sophisticate of the trade - and guest at Virgin’s 'And God Created Punk' launch at the HELTER SKELTER BOOKSHOP. Quaffing cans of Whitbread among the basement boppers, I was alarmed to find that virtually none of them had attempted to match my contemporaneity. Only Captain Sensible, sporting bleached hair and a small sequinned hat, seemed to remember how outrageous we were in the long punk summer of 1976. On my way home I stuck my tongue out at a policeman - I didn’t care.”



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