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Dave Harwood
18 Oct 2023 at 03:46
I found this advert in the ‘Worthing Gazette’ dated 10th July 1946: “WANTED: High prices paid for symphonies, concertos, operatic, and good classics; no dance or light music. - Write or phone: H. C. Harridge, Frobisher Rd., Hornsey. (Mountview 9043)." ... and this advert in the ‘Marylebone Mercury’ dated 25th November 1949:
“Thousands of Classical and Operatic Records in stock, in perfect condition, at less than tax-free price. - H. C. Harridge, 3 Lisle St., Leicester Square, London. W.C.2.” ... and this in the ‘Streatham News’ dated 22nd September 1950:
“CHANGE of address: H. C. Harridge has now moved to 8 Moor Street, Cambridge Circus, London, W.1. Gramophone Records bought, sold and exchanged. First class symphonies, concertos and operatic items at bargain prices.”
Dave Harwood
07 Dec 2023 at 02:37
I found this listing in 'The Tatler' dated 20th August 1966: “Other good places to go for classical second-hand discs are Harridges, 8 Moor Street, W1 (GER 7108) who buy up collections and review-copy records (they will not buy from individuals) and the International Collectors Agency, 20 Newport Court, WC2 (GER 8589).”
Tony Langford
15 Jan 2024 at 01:11
H. C. Harridge, 8 Moor Street, W1.
In his 1951 book, Record Collecting, Boris Semeonoff recalls visiting Harridge’s shop, in attractive new premises within sight of Cambridge Circus the second-hand stock was well classified with reasonable prices. There was a monthly 24-page list sent to Provincial customers



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