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Does any one remember the boutique within Harrods? I think that had a pretty good record section in the late 60s. I saw the film of Otis at Monterey Pop there sat on some fancy stools. Comment: David T

( Jan 28, 2016) I certainly remember Harrods record department as I worked in Knightsbridge, in the sixties. I've still got my copy of Cannonball Adderley's "Somethin' Else" I bought there as a teenager in 1960 or maybe 1961. It has these two stickers on the back, like postage stamps. They have perforations on all four sides, so must have come from a sheet of them. Mecolino, 4 1/2d and Chappell & Co., 1/3d. I presume Harrods imported it from the USA and had to pay some sort of licencing duty on it.
Harrods was a great place for records at that time and for audio. It was where I witnessed my first experience of a big Ampex stereo tape recorder. The type used to record many live jazz performances in those days. Comment: Bob Ford.




Brompton Road SW1 Knightsbridge / London

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