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Dave Harwood
20 Oct 2023 at 02:23
I found this piece in the ‘Newmarket Journal’ dated 21st December 1929:
“HARPER'S MUSIC SALOON. Harper's music saloon may be recommended for musical instruments of all descriptions. A special feature is made of gramophones and records.”
Dave Harwood
20 Jan 2024 at 04:03
I found this piece in the 'Newmarket Journal' dated 22nd September 1960: “TWO big recording companies will co-operate with Newmarket's Harper's Music Salon, in the High Street, during Shopping Week. E.M.I. (Electrical and Musical Industries) and the Decca group are to supply Harper’s with big window displays to be used to create added customer-interest. The firm, whose stock of musical instruments has always been a large one, will also feature a number of instruments in their windows. Their “record bar” provides facilities for record buyers to select the discs they require and play them over on turntables before making a final choice.”



16 High Street CB8 8LB Newmarket / Suffolk
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